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Unified Technologies, in partnership with Fortinet, is offering the most technologically advanced, innovative and effective approach to addressing data security threats of any solution available today. 


In action, FortiEDR assumes that the threat actors are already inside the network, and instead of focusing on the actors, focuses on preventing the consequences of the attack, specifically data exfiltration and tampering.


Some of the differences between the FortiEDR solution and lesser AV products are:


  • FortiEDR stops known and zero-day ransomware real-time both pre and post infection. Traditional AV tools are blind to modern ransomware leaving system networks vulnerable and legacy EDR tools ineffective to stop data breaches real-time. Legacy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools only alert on post-infection threats, they don’t block them.


  • In real-time, FortiEDR stops malware post-infection from causing harm and tampering or exfiltrating data from your endpoint.


  • FortiEDR provides real-time protection post-infection out of the box, with no alert fatigue or dwell time. FortiEDR automates Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response (IR) efforts associated with post-infection. Legacy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools introduce dwell time and require manual intervention to respond to infections.


  • FortiEDR offers a real-time data protection platform to counter advanced targeted attacks by generically preventing threat actors from establishing outbound malicious connections and from performing malicious file modifications. The FortiEDR technology prevents threats in real time, containing them before any damage can happen. This prevents data from being stolen or otherwise tampered with, such as with ransomware, even when the threat is completely new and unknown.


  • FortiEDR operates behind the scenes and does not interfere with employees and business operations; there is no need to ever have to take computers offline or unplug them.


  • FortiEDR was named one of the Gartner Group’s Cool Products of 2016 and has been a leader in its Magic Quadrant ever since.

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